Too tired to make love to your wife?
Has your prostate got you up all night?
What if one breakthrough formulation could give you...

Tame your prostate, restful nights,
and wake her up to something she won’t forget anytime soon...

I'd like to share a powerful secret with you.

It could improve your love life in ways you can’t imagine...

...and get her to see you as a whole new man.   

In fact, I’m so eager for you to experience this amazing transformation…

… I’m actually going to buy your first bottle for you.

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If you’re wondering why I’m willing to give away something this valuable for FREE, the answer is simple.

Let’s just say I’m eager for you to experience the end result – your total confidence and bursting vitality. And her satisfaction.  

If you’ll allow me to explain…

I have a slightly embarrassing confession to make.

It’s something many women are thinking, although not all of us are willing to admit it.

You can make us feel exactly how we want to feel.

And you know you can deliver.

And there’s just nothing better than giving her - and yourself - the satisfaction you both deserve.

Nothing better...

But for millions of men, there’s something
standing in the way

If you don't tame it, it can turn making love into a chore.

Pretty soon, all the fun will be a distant memory.

And eventually it could all come to crashing halt.

And the worst thing is, it’s not your fault.

Nope, it’s all just the sad and sorry result of a prostate that stopped behaving.

Believe it or not, that little gland is the gatekeeper to a wonderfully satisfying love life. But when things start to start going wrong...

An unruly prostate could ruin just about everything that makes you feel confident.

It makes your bladder go awry... it can keep you from ever getting a good night’s rest again... it can ruin your ability to get fully ready... and it drains your appetite for love-making.

Does any of this sound familiar?

Let’s face it.

If you’re exhausted from waking up 3, 4, or 5 times a night to pee...

...if you’re anxiously checking your fly for that “dribble” stain after you come out of the bathroom...

... if you can’t even enjoy an uninterrupted intimate dinner for two, because you’ll only be thinking about when you can get to the bathroom again...

... and if every urge to make love is competing with pressure from your bladder, even if you've just been...

Then the truth is...

Your prostate is ruining your love life.

And whether she says so or not... believe me, she’s just as disappointed as you are.

And she’s just as hopeful that things can change.

Well, I’m here to tell you that things are about to change. Today.

Because right now I’m going to give you the solution to tame your prostate and fire-up in the bedroom...

The amazing solution that helps

tame your prostate...

and turns you into a stallion

I'd like to send you a free bottle of this breakthrough formulation.

Yes, I’m actually going to give it to you, FREE.

It's a 30-day supply of a steady stream of relief in the bathroom and unprecedented pleasure.

... 30 nights, too.

Thanks to an amazing breakthrough in prostate health ...

... and the most important weapon for ANY man of ANY age who wants to thrive in the bedroom...

... you could be about to experience your sexual comeback.

When it returns, it’ll be unmistakable.

She’ll wake you up with a gentle nudge and a warm kiss on your neck... And you’ll be ready to go before her hand reaches halfway down your chest.

And wondering about that intimate dinner?

You’ll skip dessert and get her home as fast as you can, for your real treat.

But let me take a step back for a bit. 

My name is Antoinette Pombo and I am part of the team at FSP Nutritionals.

For more than 10 years we’ve been helping men feel stronger, healthier and more like the way they remembered being.

And through FSP Nutritionals, I get many letters from men like you who've tried to gain control over their unruly prostates.

It happens to just about every man.  

And I know those men just don’t feel like “real” men anymore.

And I tell them the exact same thing I’m about to tell you...

You can regain the confidence and prowess to bring your woman to the heights of pleasure and the depths of satisfaction.

You know real satisfaction when you see it. It’s that dreamy look that lets you know you strummed all the right just the right moments.

She'll give you that sultry, satisfied look on
her face every time

You can also put that nagging worry about your prostate behind you. 

All you need is that one solution that can help take you all the way.

For a true Sexual Comeback... you need to set a few things in motion first.

And thanks to years of research and working with men just like you, FSP Nutritionals has nailed the “protocol.”

We know it works.

That’s why I’m willing to give you a FREE bottle.

I know you’ll be thrilled…and I’m counting on your ultimate satisfaction.

Because I’ve seen it happen…again and again.

As soon as we revealed it to our male readers, the notes of gratitude started pouring in...

These men NEVER worry about their prostate.

They don't miss any opportunities for great sex.

They never want to go back to the way things were. And they don’t have to.

Here are some of the snippets from the feedback we have received:

We’re happy to get word of these success stories.

But by now, the words of praise don’t really surprise us anymore.

That’s because we know our prostate protocol works and I’m 100% confident that you’ll never want to be without it.

In fact, I’m guaranteeing it.

It comes down to this:

Every man needs 3 “Pleasure Secrets” to help secure his true sexual comeback.

1. The Prostate Tamer: This first secret may not sound sexy...just yet. But it’ll help you put your prostate worries behind you...and open the door to extreme pleasure.  We’ll show you how.

And then I’ll hand you the second Pleasure Secret. We’ve come to call it...

2. The Testosterone Helper: You probably have an idea of what this one can do. Testosterone is the key to a man’s vigor and confidence. 

And if you want her coming back for seconds...or’ll want the third Pleasure Secret.

3. Nature’s Best Erection Booster: Enough said about that one. For now. But I promise I’ll get to it in a moment.

And when you get all three secrets unlocked...

You’ll have more drive, confidence and satisfaction than you - and she - imagined. 

Let me explain...

With the First Pleasure Secret alone, you could put your prostate worries behind you...

... and open the door to serious pleasure...

Your First Pleasure Secret: 
The Prostate Tamer

As you know... a smooth-running prostate is vital to getting everything you really want in bed.

Including deeply satisfying orgasms. You know, the kind that lingers on after it’s over.

And the fact is, you just can’t have good sex with an unruly prostate. 

So the first thing we’ll do is tame this tricky little gland... 

I’m sure you’re thinking, “If it were that easy, I would’ve done it by now!”

Well, giving support to a disruptive prostate is much easier than most doctors will have you believe.

Especially if your doctor has given you the green light and told you there’s nothing serious going on. But you have to look beyond the same old formulations you see in standard prostate formulas.

They all have some benefit, but they’re simply not good enough for the kind of support you need.

And our research team led us to something remarkable.

We learned about a unique plant compound that’s giving thousands of men, right now, new hope.  

The research we studied was from The National Institutes of Health, The British Journal of Urology, Harvard Medical School’s Health Publication, and many others.

Here’s what it told us... It can help:

  • Free you from bladder urgency and pressure, day and night.

  • Erase all that hassle in the bathroom: Less standing over the toilet watching a weak stream. And no more starting, stopping, and straining. Now you could empty your bladder completely, in as little as one shot.

  • Have you sleeping like solidly every night. Because the urgency that’s been waking you up all night will be tamed. And when you open your eyes in the morning, you’ll be rested, refreshed, and feeling great... With all the right urges...

So you’ll feel free to make love to your wife whenever the mood strikes you. With nothing else to think about... but how you want to do it... what she really loves to feel... how she sounds when she’s feeling it... and how soon you can go again.

This wonder-nutrient has a long scientific name of beta sitosterol, but the short version is BTA.

BTA is found in small amounts in certain nuts and seeds. And men who get enough of it, every day, simply don’t have to put up with an unruly prostate.

It works exactly how you need it to.

So start preparing yourself now … to get reacquainted with her soft skin ...

… to feel her warm arms holding you tight …

Because BTA is going to help get you there.

It works in two amazingly powerful ways...

First, it helps your body support healthy prostate tissues and secondly, it helps support healthy levels of inflammation in your body.

And in one landmark study, participants taking BTA reported 310%  greater control and relief of a host of prostate issues, compared to those that took a placebo. Researchers looked at every possible prostate issue you can face... including nighttime bathroom trips... and a bladder that never fully empties!

BTA came out a winner in every test.

It even powered up urinary flow rate 5 times more than the placebo. In another test, BTA was 10 times better than a placebo at improving bladder control.

BTA packs so much muscle, we included it the breakthrough formula, called Ultimate Prostate Defence.

Now...I promised you extreme pleasure.

So let’s get back to that.

Once you open the door to extreme pleasure ...
you won't want to look back

We realised early on in our research that nobody else is talking about it.

But, when it comes to your prostate ...

The deeper you go with your protection...
the deeper your pleasure

The reason is simple. 

Your prostate gears up every time you have sex. It supplies fluid for semen...and packs some of the muscle power during ejaculation.

So when your prostate is functioning’re in for deeper satisfaction. From the very first the final moments of release.

Time after time after time.

That’s why every layer of protection helps you tap into deeper and deeper pleasure.

The first is lycopene - an astonishing compound found in high amounts in tomatoes, that’s strongly linked to a healthy prostate. Harvard researchers discovered that men who get a lot of lycopene in their food have a lower risk of prostate problems.

We’ve included 10mg of lycopene for powerful and urgent support.

But that’s not all.

We also added the mineral selenium. Selenium supports optimal hormone levels and healthy inflammation levels...which means even more support for a healthy prostate.

So your first and second Pleasure Secrets deliver 3 layers of prostate protection, which also happens to be your gateway into the best sex of your life.

There’s just no telling what you’ll experience.

For many men, the Prostate Tamer is all they really need.

But we didn't stop there.

So it’s onto the second Pleasure Secret:

Your Second Pleasure Secret:
The Testosterone Helper

Now, I’m sure you already know that testosterone is the king of male hormones. It’s what makes a man...a man. In all his glory and fine masculinity.

Testosterone fans the flames in the bedroom.

So it’s a shame that T levels do fall as you get older which may make feel more and more tired and less and less hungry for sex.

Well, that’s about to change. In a big way. Thanks to the mineral zinc.

We originally included zinc in Ultimate Prostate Defence because it’s vital to good prostate health. A healthy prostate actually has a higher concentration of zinc than any place else in your body! So researchers know it’s there to help keep your prostate in fine form.

We also discovered research that showed zinc may improve testosterone levels in older men!

Are you ready for a natural Testosterone Helper like that?

Because you could feel stronger, more passionate, and more confident than ever in little time.

And just imagine how she’ll respond when you’ve got confidence coursing through your body.

When she’s that much more relaxed and open...and you’re that much more in command...

Now...we would love to hear from you when the benefits kick in! 

Especially once you’ve both experienced the 3rd and final Pleasure Secret.

It’s the icing on the top...  

Your libido may be perfectly healthy, but if you’re missing this one nutrient...

... you may not even make it to the bedroom door...

Your Third Pleasure Secret:
Nature’s Best Erection Booster

You want that always-ready, never-fail power to achieve full and powerful erections - that start up with nothing more than her soft brush of her skin.   

Ultimate Prostate Defence helps you get exactly what you want, with one of the most potent antioxidants in nature: Vitamin E.

Vitamin E delivers solid prostate support. It can help you maintain a healthy prostate, so you should be getting this vitamin every day.

And research tells us that Vitamin E may help relax and open blood vessels, while it also helps keep them more toned. Which means healthy, robust blood flow.

And that’s exactly what you need to fuel a full erection.

These are the real secrets for supporting
full erections... and energetic sex

And now it’s all yours, with the third and final Pleasure Secret in Ultimate Prostate Defence.

Whatever your pleasure...whatever your needs...

When you get all 3 Pleasure one perfectly crafted daily formulation...

You can have it all

We originally created Ultimate Prostate Defence as a prostate product. 

But then men started admitting to us that it was working for their sex lives, too.

So we realised: “Of course! How could it not? It’s got the Prostate Tamer...the Testosterone Helper...and the Erection Booster!

It's a superior prostate protocol that happens to double as the Pleasure Secrets of great sex!

It makes perfect sense that Ultimate Prostate Defence's advanced protocol can result in such pleasant and surprising sexual side benefits.

If you’re ready to experience your own sexual comeback...

...then I’m right here to make sure there’s nothing standing in your way. That’s why...

I’m extending a very special offer.

I’m so sure you’re going to be thrilled with Ultimate Prostate Defence

I'm going to give you a free bottle!

It’s that simple.

No more beating around the bush.

I’ll send you a 30-day supply of Ultimate Prostate Defence FREE when you buy two bottles for just R859.95. That means you get 3 month's supply for just R286.65 per month. 

Or, even better, I'll send you THREE bottles free when you buy 3 bottles for just R1,289.95. That's six month's supply at just R214.99 per month. 

Please accept these free bottles as my personal gift to you.

Use it to start wrapping up your prostate issues...get a taste of what real control feels like…and unleash your personal best in bed.

The bottom line is: no man should miss out on this kind of confidence and control.

So there's no reason to stand by while the sex life you know you can have just slips away from you!

Let Ultimate Prostate Defence give you what you’ve been missing!

Wrap up prostate issues now...and fuel your true sexual comeback.

Reply today and I’ll rush you your FREE bottle

And when your supply of Ultimate Prostate Defence arrives, you’ll never look back.

Even better…

…You’ll just keep riding that wave of control – and pleasure – for as long as you want.

But it gets even better…

You’ll get FREE shipping on EVERY order of Ultimate Prostate Defence over R299.

That’s just a little gift I want our exclusive customers to have.

Here’s how to claim your FREE bottle.

At the bottom of the page, you’ll see a button that says Claim Your Free Bottle. Click it now!

This is an amazing offer.

Remember, we designed Ultimate Prostate Defence to be powerful, lasting, and affordable.

We accomplished exactly what we set out to do.

We’re so confident in the quality and potency of Ultimate Prostate Defence, we designed a guarantee to match.

It’s my Iron Clad Guarantee to you.

Here’s how it works.

Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed

If you don't get the results you've read about on this page, just return all the bottles (used and unused) at any time within 60 days of your purchase for a full refund. No quibbles.

Think we’re being over-confident?

Not many companies offer you an iron clad guarantee to receive your money back after you purchased the product.

But Ultimate Prostate Defence is virtually fool-proof.

We’re confident it will do exactly what we say it will. Our goal is simply to make you 100% satisfied with your choice.

However, if you’re not completely happy, just return the bottles for a refund of your purchase price. 

It’s really that simple.

Fill in the secure order form below.

You can place your order today with complete confidence.

Finally, free yourself from bladder urgency... sleep through the night... and enjoy your own sexual comeback!

Get started now!

Ultimate Prostate Defence is only available through this special offer. It’s not available in stores. And I can’t guarantee how long I’ll be able to give away so many free bottles!

So don’t delay.

Take a few seconds to claim your FREE bottle today.

Go ahead and click the button below.

And the next time passion calls you’ll be ready for it.

I can’t wait to hear from you! 

To your good health,


Antoinette Pombo
FSP Nutritionals

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FREE Report #2: RESTORE YOUR MEMORY, Sharpness, Wit and Wisdom by Dr Allan Spreen - Age-related forgetfulness used to be unavoidable. And there’s still nothing that conventional medicine can do to help you out. But scientists have begun to explore powerful natural substances that could truly fight these lapses – and keep you sharp as a tack well into your 90s and beyond.
FREE Report #3: ALL-DAY ENERGY by Dr Hyla Cass - Let one of medicine’s most acclaimed energy experts guide you to a more active, youthful life. In addition to serving on the FSP Nutritionals Research Board, Dr Cass is a Member of the Health Sciences Institute Advisory Panel – and she’s assistant clinical professor of Psychiatry at the UCLA School of Medicine. Now she reveals how to solve your personal “energy crisis” without harmful drugs or harsh stimulants.
I also understand if I’m not 100% satisfied with the results I get from Ultimate Prostate Defence for any reason, I simply return all the bottles (used and unused) within 60 days for a full refund of my purchase price. This is your 100% money-back guarantee to me.

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